Pleased to announce 3 exciting FREE music video streaming apps for Android:

Dance ’N App, Pop ’N App and Rock ’N App

Available from Google Play for your Android smart phone or tablet, each app specializes in one of three music genres. Download the app that suits your taste, or download all 3 for the broadest range of listening and viewing pleasure!

 ・Dance ‘N App


・Pop ‘N App


・Rock ‘N App


All 3 apps feature a user-friendly interface and auto play function, making it easy for anyone, from young to old, or complete beginners, to navigate video streams and related web content quickly and efficiently.

A cool feature of the Player menu is that it will display a Wiki of the band or artist you are listening to. You can also use this feature to access other web content, such as bios, fan pages, official web sites and much much more.

The Schedule menu displays the available artist playlists which can be easily configured to show newer or older content, or arranged by view history.

Fans of social media will appreciate the Twitter menu. Showing the most up to date tweets for playlist artists, this feature allows you to know what other fans are saying and thinking. There is no better way to be a part of the worldwide community of music lovers!

Tired of today’s playlists? Well, that is what the Update menu is for! Simply click to see the new daily schedule items.

Want even more? Then consider the app upgrades! For a nominal monthly fee, you can get even more content, advanced search options, and full screen video playback!

Whether you are a pop, dance or rock music fan, there has never been an easier way to enjoy web music content on your smart device. So, why not visit the Google Play store today and try Dance ’N App, Pop ’N App and Rock ’N App – you won’t be disappointed!